Volume 3 No. 1

Volume 3 No. 1

Posted on September 2018


Freedom Beyond the Labyrinth of Sovereign Power: Foucault’s Parrhesia as Critical Praxis
Philip James S. Miñoza
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Towards a Sustainable (Healthy) Society: Justice as Fairness in Health Care Policy-Making
Alvin A. Sario, Ph.D.
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Proposed Pedestrian Facilities of the National Road at Barangay Rawis, Legazpi City
Engr. Jess Fernando A. Mirandilla
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An Ethical Appraisal of Posthumanism
Wyrlo B. De la Cruz
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The Concrete over Abstract: Marx’s Humanism over Heidegger’s (anti)Humanism
Vincent L. Casil
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Even If You Are Not There, You Are Home: Exploring The Positive In The Self And Virtual Relationship Experiences Of Emerging Adult Filipino Facebook Users
Jim Rey Baloloy
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Silvino B. Balasta, Jr. MPR
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MR. PHILIP JAMES S. MIÑOZA is a full-time faculty at the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila and teaches at the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of International Relations. Among the subjects that he teaches revolve around academic courses on Philosophy, Cultural Studies, and Social Theory. He is a degree holder of Masters in Philosophy at Christ the King Mission Seminary (2011) and is currently taking his Doctorate at the University of Santo Tomas University, España-Manila. He took his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Political Science (2006) at the Philippine Christian University. He acquired his secondary and elementary education in the Middle East where he was raised. This experience allowed him to appreciate diversity and cultural sensitivity. His other academic involvement includes being an adviser for the LPU Debate Society and LPU Ethics Bowl. He is currently involved in the Community Outreach program of LPU as a researcher on Indigenous People. Other research and academic concentrations he is involved in are Foucault, Adorno, and Critical Theory, and Indigenous Peoples for Philippine Studies. Aside from being an academician, he also works as a freelance musician.


ALVIN SARIO, Ph.D. took his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 1999. His research interests are Hermeneutics, Political Philosophy, and Development Education. His philosopher is John Rawls.


DANILO KEH, JR. graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2011. His interests in philosophy are focused on Philosophy of Religion, Religious Education, and World Systems and Beliefs.


ENGR. JESS FERNANDO A. MIRANDILLA is a faculty of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Divine Word College of Legazpi, his Bachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering at National University-Manila and his Master of Engineering at Mapua University. He experienced working in transportation-related construction projects at Macau International Airport and Hong Kong Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme for more than ten years. He is interested in evaluation studies on health and sanitation, solid waste management and plumbing system.


WYRLO DELA CRUZ is taking his Master of Arts in Philosophy (MAPh) in Ateneo de Naga University. He finished his methods of teaching in the University of Santo Tomas Legazpi-Graduate School. He graduated Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (AB-Philosophy) from University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi. He is currently a faculty in the Senior High School Department in the same University and teaches research and social science subjects. His research interest is posthumanism.


VINCENT L. CASIL is a full-time faculty member of Ateneo de Manila University, where he also earned his master’s degree in Philosophy. He has also been teaching Research in the City of Malabon University and various Philosophy courses at Lyceum of the Philippines University and Philippine Christian University. His research interests include: Marx, post-Marxism, ethics, social and political philosophy, and Philippine studies.


JIM REY BALOLOY is a registered psychologist and an educator. He graduated from Aquinas University of Legazpi (now University of Santo Tomas – Legazpi) in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. In 2014, he finished a Master of Science degree in social and cultural psychology at De La Salle University – Manila (DLSU). At present, Jim Rey is a faculty member of the Psychology Department at DLSU, where he is also finishing his doctoral degree in clinical psychology. He is currently the research director of Balik Kalipay Center for Psychosocial Response, Inc., a non-government organization providing psychosocial interventions to communities affected by natural disasters and emergencies. He is also a consulting psychologist at ChildFam Possibilities Psychosocial Services in Quezon City.


SILVINO BALASTA, JR., graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Philosophy from Mater Salutis College Seminary. He has earned a degree of Master in Philosophical Research in 2011, while enrolled in Ph. D. in Philosophy at De la Salle University, Manila. He is currently the Program Chair of Philosophy and Political Science programs of UST-Legazpi. His area of interests includes Political Philosophy, Feminism, and Marxism. His political thoughts were greatly influenced by Karl Marx and John Rawls.